Our business is design and measurement integrated circuits (IC) and evaluation board. We also analyze substrate crosstalk noise in mixed-signal IC. We have developed crosstalk noise analysis tool called FPNA (Floor Plan Noise Analysis). A-R-Tec is the company which started new business from a university, and we will be taking advantage of this feature, we also develop human resources for new employees and beginners.

  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Analog Circuit Measurement
  • Substrate noise analysis
  • Human Resources Development, OJT
  • 》Company brochure (Japanese)

    Analog Circuit Design

    The cutoff frequency (fT) of 0.1um CMOS devices reaches 100GHz (faster than that of bipolar devices), which enables implementation of RF circuits on the same CMOS die with analog circuits. Our service includes the design of analog and RF circuits for the CMOS analog-digital mixed-signal ICs.

    High-performance analog IP

    We stocks a large number of various high precision/low-power analog IPs. If you need, based on existing design data, we can convert analog IP process.

    Development of analog ICs, Chip fabrication

    Analog-to-Digital Converter

  • Technical report:AD Conversion Principles and CMOS Circuit Techniques (Japanese)
  • Delta-Sigma (oversampling + noise shaping, SC/CT architectures)
  • Successive approximation
  • Flash
  • Pipeline
  • Background calibration techniques
  • Digital-to-Analog Converter

  • Delta-Sigma (chopper, MASH, ISI suppression)
  • Current summation
  • Capacitor array
  • R-string
  • R2R
  • Segmented
  • Background calibration techniques
  • Low Noise Amp: LNA

  • chopper, auto-zero
  • Capacitive feedback (for bio-signals (0.01Hz-1kHz))
  • Ultra-high resistance (about 100Gohm), Low noise, Temperature calibration

  • Charge Amp (C-V Converter)

  • MEMS accelerometer/gyroscope sensor output capacity variation is converted to voltage.
  • Ultra-high resistance (about 100Gohm), Low noise, Temperature calibration

  • Low voltage operational amplifiers

  • Vdd: about 0.5V
  • Low voltage analog switch, chopper amplifiers
  • gm-C filter

  • for communication
  • Bandgap reference (BGR)

  • Low noise BGR using chopper techniques
  • Interconnection circuits (chip-to-chip)

  • Electromagnetic coupled interconnect circuits (inductor pair)
  • PWM interconnect circuits (analog, multiple communications)
  • Voltage-Controlled Oscillator: VCO

  • Ring oscillators (low freq. (<100MHz), small area)
  • LC-VCO (for wireless communication, high freq. (1-10GHz), low phase noise, low jitter)

  • Phase Locked Loop: PLL

  • Ring oscillators
  • LC-VCO (on-chip inductor, off-chip inductor)
  • RF circuits

  • LNA
  • Mixer
  • CMOS image sensor

  • Wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor
  • CMOS artificial retina chips

  • Advanced technology research, Feasibility study

    We provides world-leading technology research and feasibility study survice.

    Design of the evaluation board (PCB) and module

    We designed evaluation boards (PCBs) and modules for analog ICs.
    The following is an example of the evaluation board and module designed by our company.

    Neural signal measurement board (16-ch electrode implementation)

    Sound processing board (32-ch inputs)

    Brain implant ECoG detection module (128-ch LNA + ADC)

    CCD signal processing board

    CCD driver board

    Brain wave (ECoG, Spike) detection module using FPC

    Consulting for analog circuits

    We offer consulting services on various analog design.
    Please send the e-mail address below.
    e-mail: info@a-r-tec.jp

    Analog Circuit Measurement

    We offer measurement services on various analog circuits, such as the following.

    • DC/AC/Noise performance of ADC/DAC
      - Evaluation of basic analog performance
      - Evaluation of linearity
    • NF/Gain/Phase Noise/CG performance of LNA/VCO/MIX
      - Evaluation of basic RF performance
      - Evaluation of gain and S-parameters using a network analyzer
    • Measurement of CCD/CMOS sensor
      - Evaluation of dynamic range
      - Evaluation of Noise
    • DC/AC/Noise performance of Transistor
      - Evaluation of device characteristic
      - Evaluation of devices leak current
      - Accuracy verification of SPICE parameters
    • Evaluation of temperature variation influence using temperature chamber
      - Evaluation of temperature characteristics in the range of from -40 to +150 degrees.
    • Construction of automatic measurement system
      - Construction of automatic measurement system using HP VEE
      - Automatic sweep of supply voltage/temperature/register settings
    • On-Wafer measurement using prober
      - Measurement of passive devices and transistor basic characteristic
      - Measurement of RF circuits performance

    Substrate noise analysis

    In analog-digital mixed LSI design, how to tame the transient supply current change during CMOS logic operation and its propagation in substrate, which cause cross-talk noise, has been one of the major issues.
    We offer the following solutions for the highly-isolated signal integrity.

    Measurement and evaluation techniques

  • Noise evaluation test chip development 》Test chip example
  • On-chip noise measurent circuit development 》Noise measurement circuit
  • Noise measurement and evaluation service 》Measurement example
  • Noise measurement and evaluation system development 》Evaluation system
  • Noise modeling and simulation techniques

  • Chip-level supply/substrate noise modeling
  • System-level supply/substrate noise modeling 》Model genaration flow details
  • Supply/Substrate noise simulation service 》Simulation example
  • Supply/Substrate noise simulation environment development
  • Substrate Noise Consulting

    Do you not bothered by cross-talk noise? Our company is substrate noise problem-solving specialists. Please send the e-mail address below.
    e-mail: info@a-r-tec.jp

    Substrate Noise Generation Mechanism and Circuit Model

    Crosstalk Noise Analysis Tool (FPNA)

    We have developed powerful tool called FPNA (Floor Plan Noise Analysis) to achieve robust floor plan early in the design.

    Human Resources Development, OJT

    Analog and RF circuit designer training

    Recently, analog designer training is in much need and requests are various in deed as follows.

    1. Not a circuit major, but want to design analog circuits starting from the scratch.
    2. Specialized in bipoler transistor circuit, now want to be a CMOS analog circuit designer as well.
    3. Want to acquire RF, low power, low noise, and other high performance analog ciruit design skills.
    4. Want to learn a new circuit scheme such as neural network, artificial retina etc.

    We offer one-on-one on-the-job training (OJT) program to meet your demand.

    》OJT program (Japanese)

    OJT flow

    Not like a seminor in a class room, OJT is one-on-one and truly effective training because contents and goals can be customized.

    1. Planning of the OJT: First, based on the requested items and student level, leaders, location, goal to skill and circuit function/performance are determined.
    2. Actual work: Students learn the design methodology using a circuit simulator and receives guidance from leaders one-on-one. In addition, if necessary do chip fabrication and measurement.

    The trainee is encouraged to study hard, think hard, practice hard under supervision of the trainer who has precise, helpful advice up his sleeves.
    Getting away from it all, not worrying about daily work load at all, you can strain your brain with collage students. Refreshing, isn't it? Highly appreciated.

    Analog and RF Circuits Training

    1. Analog circuit design training

    Principle of ΔΣ ADC and system simulation
    • Tools (payware): MATLAB/Simulink, Verilog-A.
    • Tools (freeware): Scilab/Scicos, Python/pylab.
    Circuit design of basic circuits (OPA, Comparator, Integrator, DAC)
    • Tools (payware): Spectre, HSPICE, SmartSpice.
    • Tools (freeware): LTspice.

    2. Analog circuit measurement training

    Measurement of OPA, DAC, ADC performance
    • Automatic meas. system (VEE).
    • Analog instrument (oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer).

    3. RF circuit design and measurement training

    Circuit design of LNA, VCO, MIX
    • Tools (payware): Spectre(RF), HSPICE(RF), SmartSpice(RF), ADS.
    • Tools (freeware): LTspice.
    Measurement of LNA, VCO, MIX
    • Automatic meas. system (VEE).
    • Analog instrument (oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer).

    4. A/D converter basic training

    Understanding the basics of A/D converter using SPICE-Sim.
    • Tools (payware): Spectre, HSPICE, SmartSpice.
    • Tools (freeware): LTspice.
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