Company NameA-R-Tec Corp.
EstablishmentApril 3, 2001
Capital Fund10 million yen
President, CEOToshifumi Imamura
AdviserHonorary Prof. Atsushi Iwata (Hiroshima University)
AdviserHonorary Prof. Yasuhiro Sugimoto (Chuo University)
Technical AdviserProf. Makoto Nagata (Kobe University)
Hiroshima Design Center
4781-4, Misonou, Saijo-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima,
Hiroshima, 739-0024, Japan
Phone/Fax: +81-82-421-4222
Design EngineerFull-time: 4
Collaborative UniversityHiroshima University
Osaka University
Business CollaborationRF Chips Technology, Inc.
SiliConsortium Ltd.
MSdenshi, Inc.

》Company Profile


Since A-R-Tec Corporation was established in April of 2001, we have responded our customers' requests in Analog and RF circuits design taking advantage of high-precision, low-noise, low-power circuit technologies.

In a world of Society 5.0 it is required to sense a board kind of data in daily life using such basic technologies as IoT and AI and find out useful information to be beneficial for our life.

We will play a role in creating a new society with our ability, strength, knowledge in an area of data conversion from the sensed analog data to digitally processable one for AI.

We continue to gain expectation and reliability from our customers by

1. not only realizing an idea but adding value to it, and

2. offering our products to support customer's research and development.

We are looking forward to working with you.

December 2017, CEO, Toshifumi Imamura

Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is to provide design and evaluation techniques of analog and RF circuits and to bring up human resources in the fields, through which we make a great contribution toward the progress of industory and science.

Corporate Vision

  • Specialize in analog and RF circuit design and A-D mixed chip development, and contribute to the progress in advanced infomation society.
  • Bring up analog and RF designers with the OJT program.
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