Parameters Required for the FPNA

Parameters required for the FPNA are as follows.

Process Parameters
  • substrate type (n-sub, p-sub)
  • well structure (twin-well, triple-well)
  • substrate resistivity [Ω⋅cm]
  • contact resistance [Ω/contact], via resistance [Ω/via]
  • contact size [um square], via size [um square]
  • well sheet resistance [Ω/□]
  • well-substrate capacitance [fF/um2]
  • well-well capacitance [fF/um2]
  • wire sheet resistance [Ω/□]

  • Chip Size Information
  • x [um]
  • y [um]
  • z (chip thickness) [um]
  • Floor Plan Information
  • floor plan images
  • power, ground pattern (w/ guard ring)
  • power, ground pads assignments
  • on-chip decoupling capacitance (value, location)
  • ESD protection capacitance
  • The exact coordinates information becomes necessary.
    If you already have a GDS data can extract information above.

    Package and Evaluation Board Information
  • package type (QFP, QFN, CSP, ⋅⋅⋅)
  • bonding wire length [mm]
  • on-board decoupling capacitance [nF]

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