Wide DR CMOS Image Sensor

Image Sensor (ARIIS2)



For wide D-range, shutter speed and amplifier gain are automaticaly adjusted pixel by pixel to the optimum value.


frame ratemax 100frame/s
Dynamic Range (DR)102dB
pixel size167x132
data formatsig: 9b, exp: 6b
Supply Voltage3.3V
Supply Curent7.3mA(Ana) + 5.3mA(Dig)
PKGCeramic LCC (82pin)

Wide DR Camera

Not purchasable, it is possible to accept a technical development order with this technology.


  • CMOS Image Sensor: ARIIS2
  • FPGA mounted
  • Operable under supply from USB2.0
  • Connect your PC and it is ready
  • Come with basic softwares (Imaging Control, Image Display)
  • Lens: 2/3, f=16mm, C mount
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